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Board of Trustees

Cathryn Harvey, Chair

Vicki Herrick, Vice-Chair

Leslie Frank, Treasurer                       
Amy Neal, Secretary

Heather Madden                    
Carole Wheeler  

Ed Cheever, Alternate  

Kirsti Sandy, Alternate

Whitney Vonderhorst, Alternate                    


There are seven (7) library trustees that oversee the annual budget, hire and review the library director, and approve the library policies among other duties. At least two trustees are elected by town residents each year for three (3) year terms. These staggered terms ensure that “institutional memory” is maintained.  The trustees can be contacted via email, There are also up three (3) alternates recommended by the Board of Trustees and appointed by the Board of Selectman to serve for one (1) year terms.


The library Board of Trustees meet on the third Tuesday of every month at the Chesterfield Public Library at 6:30pm. The agenda of the library trustee meetings are publicly posted at the Chesterfield post office and library at least two business days before the meeting is held. The public is welcome, and encouraged, to attend trustee board meetings. 


Minutes of all meetings are posted on the library website (see below) and are available in print form at the library upon request.

Copies of all meeting minutes, including draft minutes of the most recent meeting, are available at the Library for public view. Approved minutes are on the website.

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