Get Involved

Make a Donation!

The Chesterfield Public Library has been fortunate to receive monetary donations as well memorials, technology grants and other gifts.  Donations directly to the library are tax-deductible under §170(c)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Further, the Library has established the Chesterfield Library Endowment Fund, a separate tax deductible non-profit corporation to manage financial gifts and preserve our vital resource.


We gladly accept donations of books and media such as CDs and DVDs. Get in touch with us and we will share our Book Donation guidelines.


Please stop in for more information if you’d like to donate, and thank you!

Join the Friends of the Library!

"The Friends of Chesterfield Library" organization was established in 1986 by concerned Chesterfield residents who cared about the future of their Library. The Friends of Chesterfield Library support the library by holding fundraising events, sponsoring library programs and special events, and supporting the library within the community.


The Friends are a valuable asset to the library. The group holds a membership drive each year to raise money to support library programs and projects. The cost is $15 for an individual membership, or $25 per family. To continue supporting our community’s library, WE NEED YOU! We invite you to consider offering your talent, ideas and enthusiasm to our library by becoming an active member of our Friends group.

Please call or email the Co-Directors for more information about what you can do to help.


Fran Shippee 603-363-2747

Carol Dumont 603-363-4229

Monthly meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm at the Chesterfield Library.