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Book Donation Guidelines

The Chesterfield Public Library welcomes book and audio-visual material donations in good condition. Items not incorporated into the library collection will be used in the book sale and the proceeds will benefit the Library.

Books/Materials we accept:

  • Children’s books

  • Hardcover fiction and non-fiction

  • Paperback fiction and non-fiction

  • Travel books (copyright within 5 years)

  • DVDs

Please DO NOT SEND items in poor condition.
This includes:

  • Dirty or moldy books

  • Water-damaged

  • Damaged bindings or pages

  • Missing covers or pages

  • Items with writing, markings or highlighting

  • Paperbacks warped from storage

We also do not accept:

Textbooks, audio cassette tapes or VHS tapes

How to recycle your books in Chesterfield:

The Chesterfield Transfer Station has a book swap area for books in good condition but do not meet the library guidelines above.

If books are not in good condition, they can be recycled. Paperback books go directly into paper recycling. Hardcover books must have the covers removed. The covers can go into your general trash disposal and the paper can go in recycling.

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